Meet the Fam

Well, here we are!!  Kevin (we will call him Daddy K), and myself (Mama J).  We have been married for 4 years, but together for 12!!  yes, that's right....I met my husband in 1999 when I was only fifteen!  Eight years later we got married!

Our little Julia!!  She just turned 2!  She is the light of our lives!

And here are “the boys.”  Max is on the left, Bailey is on the right.  Yes, they are brothers, yes, they are huge, and yes, they live indoors!  How do we tell them apart, you may ask?  Well, first Max is the heavier one….he definitely loves his food!!  And Bailey’s hair has a little more of a spiral twist to it.  We got the boys when they were 11 weeks old, a mere 22 lbs.  Now they are 3 and weigh a hefty 90!  They are bred from a Golden Retriever and a full size Poodle.  Therefore they are Goldendoodles!!  I will also have to add they are the best dogs ever!!!  Hypo-allergenic, very little shedding, and GREAT with children!