Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, and more Pumpkins........

Decisions, decisions......Should I carve a pumpkin, spray it with chalkboard paint, wrap it in fabric, cover it in glitter, decoupage it, stencil it, or make a pattern with thumbtacks??.......what to do...what to do....... I do believe Pinterest is guilty of OVERLY INSPIRING me this year!!  oh can happen!!  

After a lot of brainstorming (the night before Halloween)  I decided to skip out on all the messy carving and use acrylic paint on my pumpkins this year!!  I'm keeping it clean and simple; only using black and white!!

The Ikat pumpkin....

The word collage pumpkin.....

These were super easy to make!!  Each did not take more than 15 minutes paint!!

To make the Ikat pumpkin......

First, spray paint your pumpkin.....I added a little bit of glitter to mine before the paint dried!!

Next, get your paint and a brush!  Use quick vertical strokes.  Continue to layer until you get the look you want!

Here it is complete.....

I love how simple but trendy it is....

The word collage pumpkin was even easier to make!!

First I spray painted the pumpkin black, then I used a fabric paint pen and wrote Halloween inspired words all over it!  It's as simple as that!!

The display at my front door!  I love the look of pumpkins in an urn!  The "C" I made last year.  It is a cardboard letter covered in you can tell, the sun has done a great job fading it!!

I had to give my front porch some color!!  Can you spot Julia's teeny tiny pumpkin??

Here is is!!'s just screaming for some FINGERPAINTS!!

Oh yes......Julia painted one herself!!

An artist in the making!!!

I love how she carefully dips one finger at a time in the paints!!


True art is made with a beautiful mess surrounding it!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Hanging on......

Though cool weather is approaching, and YES I am very ready for the campfires and cinnamon candles, a little part of me is still hanging on to the summer!  I feel that my pale white skin has not gotten the golden glow that it deserves!  I want one last chance to lay in the sand and sweat until I can't stand it anymore!  So to satisfy that one last need for a possible sunburn, but hopefully a tan (fingers crossed), last week we packed up and headed to Cape San Blas, Fl!!  Ever heard of it??  Not many people have!

Cape San Blas is a 13 mile strip of land, only 1000 feet wide in certain spots.  The Gulf of Mexico is on one side, and the St. Joseph Bay is on the other!  It's a great place to vacation if you want a very secluded slow paced environment!  It's the complete opposite of Panama City!  There are no condo towers or souvenir shops.  There isn't even a single red light on the cape!  And one of it's well known features is that it's completely dog friendly!  We did not take Max and Bailey with us this time, however they have been before!!  Our vacation consisted of.....

Crystal clear water.......

Never ending shells.....

They were everywhere!!!

We collected a ton of huge, whole, unbroken shells!

Clouds that were AMAZING.......

low flying clouds.....absolutely beautiful!!

My favorite shot of the whole trip....I even captured a little birdie in the bottom of the picture!

It's like heaven shining down on us.....

Sunsets never disappointing......

The view from our house....

Perfect timing!

Gorgeous!!  However if you look at the clouds above....mother nature is brewing up something nasty for us!!!

Wishing this vacation would never end!!

Landscapes that were unreal.....
Beautiful trees surrounded us!!

Huge bolders at the coastline

The tree stumps in the water are what's left of Pine trees after hurricanes and erosion have turned the forest into coastline....

Absolutely amazing to see!

Nature at it's best!

This is the only Lighthouse on the cape...It is 96 feet tall!!

Much enjoyed family time...
I  love this little girl!!

The concentration.....

Making sure Daddy does not get sunburned!!

The three of us!

No Fear!!

Silly Daddy!

Good throw!!

The discovery of my new favorite restaurant...

This was an old gas station turned into an oyster bar!  Quite possibly the coolest place I have ever been!  Great music, laid back atmosphere, self serve draft beer, and the BEST baked oysters I have ever eaten!!!

mmm....I can still smell it now!!!

I love how vintage everything was!

Now that I've squeezed in one last beach trip, I say Bring On The Fall!!  Time to carve pumpkins!!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Just the three of us.....

Once again, amazing pictures were produced by an amazing photographer!!  Thank you Angie for capturing a few of our special family moments!

Our little Jules....she just turned 2!!

I'm so jealous of this picture!!

Can you tell she's a daddy's girl!!

At least I squeezed in one with her!!

Isn't he handsome!!  

Family shot 'Take 1'...chheessseeee!!!

I love the fountain in the background!

Angie, you did a wonderful job!!! 
 If you live in the North Georgia, or Chattanooga area, I highly recommend you contact Angie Rogers Photography!!  She will not let you down!!