Friday, September 14, 2012

Back to Reality.......Outline Style......

1.  The past few months have been a blur!  Time has flown!  Lots of accomplishments have been made!  A goal has been reached!!
                 a.  Our house is officially on the market!!
                 b.  It was the most exhausting process ever!!!
                 c.  Cross your fingers for a quick sale!!!

2.  It's been kinda nice to step away from the blog for a while....(whoooaaaa....did I say that out loud???) 

                 a. At times, it is mentally exhausting trying to think of the perfect post! 
                 b. Because I have been away, I have some really great stuff to share!  
3.  We have a LOT of catching up to do (refer to point "2")

                 a.  Even though I have been absent, my camera has been VERY busy!!!
4.  September is the most exciting month of the year!!!!

                 a.  Fall, Football, Birthday Parties and Vacation are all among us!!!
                 b.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Hoodies, and Boots....bring it on!!!!
                 c.  Oh, and did I mention it is football season....Roll Tide Roll!!!!

5.  I've decided to give you a little treat since I've been away so long!!!!  A HOME TOUR!!!!

                 a.  That's right!!!  So get ready for LOTS of photos!!!

Well here she is!  6 years of great memories were made here!  I'll sure miss her when she sells!  Notice the pretty blue door and shutters!  The first coat looked a little "smurf blue" however I am totally loving the finished results!  Also, pay close attention to the front porch railings!!  Daddy K and his dad spent many appreciated hours building it!  And I spent many crying hours painting it!!  ALL 180 spindles!!!

I jazzed up the front porch steps with potted hydrangeas (which I'm LOVING) and a few Ikea lanterns!!

The Grand Entrance......

Lots of pretty arches......

Remember the subway art???  If not, go HERE!!


Our family room....Yes that is NEW carpet!!


Don't you just love Julia's drawing table!!  I got if for a steal at a local consignment shop!

The Kitchen....we splurged and got all matching stainless appliances!!  The new owners can thank us later!

The Master....Clean and Simple!

Julia's room!  Do you remember the owl/turtle/elephant art?  If not, go HERE.....

The Guest Room....Sadly this room was never finished until we decided to sell...Do you like the art on the walls?  I'll be posting about that soon!!  

Do you remember my NON-New Years Resolution??  The one where I was going to take a room in my basement and make it into my "one day craft room"....???  Well here is the finished piece.  With new drywall, an added ceiling, new floor and molding, and most importantly HVAC, we now have my finished craft room that I will never use. (tear rolling down my face)  But that's okay!  The new owners will now have a "fun" room of their own!!

The back patio....My favorite part of the house!  It overlooks the neighborhood pond!

And last but not least the backyard.  AKA...Max and Bailey's playground!

WHEW.....There are the highlights!! Hopefully our hard work will pay off and we will have a quick sale!   Change is very exciting and that is what we are looking forward to!!