Friday, July 29, 2011

5 Deadly Terms.....

Study up boys......the meanings of these words will NEVER change!!

(My favorite is #2....I tend to use that one a lot!!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh so simple.....

Pretty Huh??  
This is probably the most simple project I have ever attempted!!

Wondering what all you will need??

1.  Grapevine wreath (size of your choice)
2.  Artificial flowers  (any color, and type) 

First, start pulling your flowers can have individual flowers, or keep them in bunches of 3 or 4....totally up to you!!

Then start to tuck....
you don't need any glue for this!  Just tuck your flowers inside the branches of the grapevine wreath!  Don't worry about them falling out!  If you intertwine them well enough, they will not be going anywhere!!

Keep tucking!  You will work your way around the entire wreath, until it looks something like this!!......

It's as simple as that!!!  The beauty of it is, since you are not gluing anything down, you can change anything you want if you are unhappy with it!!  It took me a little while to get the color placement how I wanted.....I started with only the two shades of pink, then I decided to lighten it up a little bit with the ivory!  I also added a few leaves for additional texture and color....

Making one was so easy, I decided to make two more and use them as art over Julia's crib!  I think they turned out fabulous!!  It's simple, clean, and just oh so pretty to look at!!

To see the parties I am linking to go HERE!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ooohhh,to have the life of a dog......

This is exactly how I feel today......

......Tired, Lazy, and Worthless!!
My allergies have gotten the best of me, and all I want to do is take on the life of my dog!  How much longer until Saturday????

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Wedding to Remember.....Part 2.....

A Southern Beauty!!
On July 16, 2011, Kellie Oakes married Lee Wright!  Everything was perfect....The colors, the dress, the food, the band, the weather!  You couldn't have asked for a more smooth wedding day!!  I was so honored to be a part of this wedding!!

The Details.....

The wedding was held at First Presbyterian Church, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Isn't it gorgeous!!!

The reception was at the Battle-Friedman House and Gardens

Her colors were pink, yellow, and green!!  Perfect for a summer wedding!!

Centerpieces at the reception

Bouquets along the aisle

Reception tables.  It was a beautiful day for an outdoor party!

I am loving the soft yellow!!

Brides cake!  I love the simplicity!

Groom's cake!  If you can't tell....he majored in music!  

Kellie booked the perfect Jazz Band!!

The Get-A-Way car!!!  A 1940's Jaguar!  sooo beautiful!!

The Preparation......

All dressed and ready!!  Isn't Kellie's dress absolutely gorgeous!!  I am on the left, and my other college roommate, Amy, is on the right!  It was one big reunion for us!!

The nervous bride, with her dad!!  I love this picture!

While Kellie was off doing her "before the wedding pictures", Amy and I had a fun little photo session ourselves.....
This was a cute little bench at the front of the church!

We had to get a picture next to this beautiful wreath!!  

Back to the dressing was about time to walk down the aisle!

Because we were not allowed to take pictures during the wedding service, you will just have to imagine how beautiful it was!!....Now!...time for the party!

The Reception.......

Presenting....Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wright!!!
Don't they make the cutest couple!!

Time to cut the cake....mmmm, I can still smell it!!

Kellie refused to let Lee rub the cake all over her face!!

Single ladies get ready!!  Let's see who will get hitched next!!

Now, where is that garter??  

Single men....line up!!

Now that all the "wedding business" is over, it's time to relax and have some fun!!

Again, don't you just love her dress!!

Jr. bridesmaid and flower girl!....they danced all afternoon!!

Look at that little girl gettin' down!!

Dance floor was starting to fill up!!

Time to snag a few dances with Daddy K!

I finally got a free moment with the Bride!!  She looks so relaxed here!!  She was thinking..."finally the stress is over!!"

Kellie with her flower girl!

Mr. Lee Wright!!  I have only known him for one day, but he seems PERFECT for Kellie!!

Sadly the reception had to end......but what a beautiful day it was!!

Thank you Kellie for letting me be a part of your special day!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

A Wedding to Remember......Part 1.....

In 2001 I enrolled into the University of Alabama.  It sounds like so long ago, but honestly it feels like yesterday!  I was the only person from my High School to brave the TIDE!  So ultimately that meant, I was going off to a new town all alone, about to enter this HUGE University, did not know a thing about how to get around, and most importantly I DID NOT have a roommate!  Now to some of you out there, that may sound like an adventure......but to little 'ol introvert Jessica....that was just a whole lot of panic and nervousness!

I can still picture my college move-in day....I pull into the parking lot and look up to what seemed like the tallest building ever....Tutwiler Hall.....the 14 floor, ALL GIRL dorm!   This would be the place where I lived for the next year with 1000 other girls!! This could be really great, or really bad!!

Knowing that I was going in blind with another girl did not help the constant worry!!  I would have to spend a whole year, in a 12'x12' room with this person!  What if she was weird, what if she was messy, what if we had nothing in common, what if we hated each other!  So much was going through my mind as I rounded the corner to my room.  Then finally it was time to meet her, I opened the door and there stood cute little Kellie!  She was the sweetest, quietest, most organized person you would ever meet!  GOD had answered my prayers that day!!

We went the entire year without a single fight or disagreement!  That's saying a lot considering our living circumstances!!  We parted ways our Sophomore year, then lived together once again when we became Juniors!

After college, I moved to Atlanta, she stayed in happened, life happened, it's sad to say we completely lost touch!....that was until this past January!!  Kellie got engaged at C'mas and come January she asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!!  Talk about shocked!!  I had not seen her since graduation day in 2005....and here it is 2011!! did so much time go by without us keeping in touch!!  I was excited, I was honored, I couldn't wait to pick up where we left off 6 years ago!!

Kellie's wedding was set in Tuscaloosa. I've been back to T-Town a few times since graduation....(being a die hard Bama Fan, it's hard to not go see a game here and there!)  However, I had not been back since APRIL 27TH....the day that FOREVER changed Tuscaloosa, the day where the WORST TORNADO the south had ever seen took out the heart of this city!!  This was the hardest part of the wedding weekend....seeing the destruction, feeling helpless!  Four of the best years of my life were spent here, and within 60 seconds many of the places I made memories were now gone!  It was tough, I had many tears, but I also had hope....hope that they will rebuild the city bigger and better than it was, hope that the many families who lost their homes would have the strength to start over!  Words can't describe what I saw........

trees were uprooted......

neighborhoods destroyed......

buildings left with nothing but a foundation........

homes split in half.....

once upon a time, this was my favorite ice-cream shop.....

the parking lot of my fav store....hobby lobby.....

Though it's hard to see past all the sadness, the city is slowly moving forward!  Areas are being cleaned, business are running through trailers, and rebuilding is taking place!  I am confident that one day Tuscaloosa will be the college city that I once remembered!  

Next up.....THE BIG DAY.......

Friday, July 15, 2011

Pushing the Boundary......!!!

I've decided to step out of my comfort zone for a little bit!!  Get ready!!.....I am teaching myself to CROCHET!!  Now I know what you may be thinking...."that's so granny", or what will you do with that...."make a quilt"??   My response to both of those thoughts what if it's granny! haha.....and NOOO...i'm not gonna sit around and just make quilts!!  Let's look at all of the possibilities.......

This picture pretty much sold me on the idea of mastering this skill!

And then there was this picture!!  I must learn how to crochet before I decide to have another baby!!  :)

Or, I could make decorative baskets!!  I have plenty of places in my house that could use stylish storage!!

I could use crocheting for gifts or favors!!

Or, to make a big 'ol comfy stool!

Now, if I get really good at it, maybe I could attempt something like this.....

So now that I am fully inspired....let's step down into reality for a moment!!  :)  Currently this is where I am.....

This is my "I taught myself how to crochet" book!!  I have made it through the entire thing, learned all of the basic stitches, but now have NO CLUE how to read a pattern!!  That's my next challenge before attempting the above beauties!!  hahhha.....I obviously have a long way to go....but that's okay!!  At least I have a goal!!  

Is anyone else stepping outside of their comfort zone to learn a new skill....I like to know i'm not alone! hhaha