about me.....

i'm jess, a 100% southern girl, born and raised in alabama.  i'm a proud graduate of UA with a BA in interior design.  after dabbling in interior architecture for a year i soon landed a fabulous job in textile design, which is where i turely belong!  i currently live in the north georgia mountains with my wonderful husband (who cooks for me every night,) a little girl (who does nothing but make me smile,) and two goldendoodles (who i cuddle with night and day.)  i love the business of life, i love my family, and i love freezing our simple everyday moments into one perfect photograph!

about the blog...

focus point - "balancing the everyday obsessions that make me who i am, while enjoying each moment before it passes to quickly"

the idea for this blog started through the eyes of my childhood.  i remember sitting in my hot pink bedroom listening to 'new kids on the block,' imagining myself as a "grown-up."  I envisioned my life as a business woman, a wife, a mother of many children, a spontaneous vacationer, a lover of hobbies, an educator, a pet owner….this list can go on and on…..

well here i am today, nearing the big 30, trying to check off this childhood "dreamlist."  though most items have been accomplished with a big fat A+, others are still lingering.  as life evolves, so do my passions.  right now my heart is focusing on photography!  i love the challenge of taking simple everyday moments and recording them as a creative memory.  one that needs no words to explain.  so pull up a chair.  here i give you our crazy life through my creative eye!  enjoy!!