Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day.....Part 1

There is nothing like freezing water splashing you in the face at 9 in the morning!!  Especially when it is from the Ocoee!  This is how Kevin, myself and our friend David started our Memorial day bash!.....

Helmet...check!....Life jacket...check!....All geared up and ready to go!!

It was such a beautiful morning!

We made ourselves get into the water before having the shock of the first splash!!  Notice the "Danger" sign above our heads....wondering what is beyond that sign??  See below!

They call this rapid the "fluffy bunny.....of death" hahha  J/k...this is not a real rapid!  It's the dam at the beginning of the river!

No turning back now!!  Kevin and David braved the front!  I sat safely in the middle!  :)

Yes, this is Kevin "riding the bull" on the most violent rapid of the day!  Don't worry....He didn't fall in...he just fell back! haha

After the trip was over this is how we all felt! hah  I have no idea who this is, but she was having nice nap in a tree where we docked the rafts!

Next up.....The CookOut!!

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