Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Much Needed Vacation......and memory jar!!

Panama City Beach….when most people hear those three little words they think:  Spring Break, Beads, Girls Gone Wild!!!….However those three words have a different meaning for me.  Growing up, all of my summer vacations were spent in Panama City, it is where I made, and continue to make thousands of memories with my grandparents, but most significantly, this beach is where I met my husband!!   Yes…I’ll repeat that…I met my husband in Panama City  (no beads involved!!)

Now, I know crazy assumptions are swirling through your mind right now so I will make a very long story short…. With a broken down car, and Kevin to the rescue, I unexpectedly met my husband to be!  It was 1999, I was 15... he was 18.  I lived in Alabama, he lived in Georgia.  We exchanged email addresses and honestly thought we would never see each other again…..after a lot of phone calls, and plenty of miles on our cars, 8 years later, we got married!  Who would have thought!  So to sum up that story….. Long Distance Relationships really can work!!!

To this day we still have our annual PCB summer vacation.  Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago….

Julia loved the beach!!

She is a professional shell collector!

You can't go to the beach without being buried in the sand!!!

We chased the birds all day long!!!

Could the ocean be any more beautiful!!!  Look at all the shades of blue and green!!

Miller Time for Mama J and Daddy K!!

This was an amazing vacation for us!  We got to spend the week with my parents and my grandparents!!  A ton of memories were made!  This year I decided to create a Memory Jar.  I'm very excited about this!!  Not only because it can be a decorative item that will sit on one of our many shelves, but it holds concrete memories.  It's more personal and fulfilling than a picture!!  This will be the first of many to come!!

Our First Memory Jar...

Contents of the Jar....Sand from the beach, pool braclet, the shells Julia collected, a whole sand dollar, the reciept for the ingredients that we purchased to make Kevin's famous Seafood Gumbo, and last but not least...the bright green pony tail holders that held up Julia's first pig tails!!    I can't wait to look back at this in years to come and remember our special family memories!!

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  1. That's the sweetest love story I’ve ever heard! You have lots of memories in Panama – from being a kid who's just enjoying life to having your own kid and sharing all the wonderful experiences together. The memory jar is a perfect souvenir to capture all the treasures you'll gain in your vacations. Good luck on your vacation. =)

    Donna Parsley