Monday, June 20, 2011

Consignment Love + Daddy Love = The Perfect Weekend!!

Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a civic center…..all you can see is a big blur of color, millions of racks of clothes, tables upon tables of toys, rows upon rows of highchairs, strollers, cribs, and carseats!  Anything your kids could possible need is surrounding you at the best price ever!  Welcome to the JBF!  Just Between Friends; the largest kids consignment sale I have ever shopped!

When I was introduced to this sale, I immediately fell in love! Call me crazy, but I'm a sucker for these kinds of things.....I don’t mind spending hours digging until I find the cutest outfit, or the perfect book!  It makes me happy!.... it's my "Me Time" keeps me sane! 

The JBF only comes around 3 times a year, so I’ve now learned you should be prepared!  Don’t you dare enter that place without a plan!!  If you do, you will go in and never come out!!  I feel like I am an experienced JBFer these days!  I make a list of what I need….i know exactly where to go…and as I’m heading to the checkout line I may mosey through a few random isles!  That is the way to a successful consignment shopping experience!  Let me show you a few of my lucky finds……

A radio flyer wagon....$20!!
Yes, it's a little used, but who cares!!  We will definitely put some mileage on this bad boy!!

Ladybug Step Stool......$4!!
1. Julia LOVES ladybugs!!  2. She tries to climb on EVERYTHING!  I'm hoping this will help reduce the amount of tumbles she has therefore minimizing the boo-boos  3. Yes, it's chipped up a little, but it's nothing black paint can't fix!

TuTu Dress.....$10
OMG!!!  This is my personal favorite!!  I can see it now.....Fairy princess for Halloween! squuueeeee!!!  or we can just play dress up!!  

Those were just a few highlights of everything that was purchased!  Clearly the wagon was Julia's favorite!......

You know it's a winner when she claps!

next, we had to ride the wagon and smell all the flowers....

(it's hard to get a 1 yr old to smile on command!)

Next up.....Father's Day!!

These are the steps to having a great Father's Day!.....

STEP ONE.....jump on top of Daddy (after waking him up from a nap)...squeeze him as tight as possible....and tell him (in whatever babble language you speak) how he is the best dad in the whole wide world!!!

STEP TWO...give him a surprise Daddy basket with all of his favorite things....

STEP THREE......give more hugs!!  (again, i can't get her to smile or look at me when the camera is around) 



  1. Hi,

    I ADORE consignment sales, or anything like that for kids!! I used to volunteer just to get first dibs :) Great finds!

    Thanks for stoppin by FFL!


  2. I love consignment sales. besides the clothes I make for my daughter, I'd say 90% of her clothes come from consignment sales. I can't stand to pay retail for something she'll grow out of in 3 months! I used to shop a sale called "just between friends" too.

  3. Love the wagon! That's definitely something on my list. I used to have a Radio Flyer and really wish that we kept it! And isn't "babble language" the best?!