Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How can 10 years slip away so fast????

Football games, Friday night parties, Study groups, and Friendships!  These are all great memories of my high school years!!  It’s hard to believe I’ve been out for so long!!  I graduated in the Class of 2001…which, if you can count back, you know what that means!!!…’s time for the TEN year reunion!! 
When I got word it was time for our reunion, I was sooo excited!!  After all, when high school ended I left my home town!  I went away to college then four years later I ran off to Atlanta for my first “real” job!  The only time I visited the tiny town of Childersburg was for the holidays!  Therefore, I had a lot of catching up to do!!  With only 87 people in the graduating class it was hard not to be friends with everyone!!  I’m happy to say we were a very close senior class! 
I was honored when the reunion committee asked me to make the centerpieces for this event!!  I had a ba-zillion ideas running through my head!  I wanted simple elegance with a rustic twist, while still incorporating our school colors (blue and white.)

With a tight budget and a little creative thinking, this is what I came up with……

It was sooo easy to make!  If you would like to make this for your home, you will only need a few inexpensive items……

*Glass Cylinders (3 varying sizes)  I purchased mine from
*Floating candles
*Riverstone (Hobby Lobby)
*Decorative flowers (I found mine here at Accents and Petals on new fav shop)
*Yarn, twine, ribbon (colors of your choice)
*Double sided tape and scissors

1. Cut 3 pieces of ribbon/yarn/twine.  (I experminted with the legnth!)  Wrap each vase with a different material.  Attach the ends of your ribbon/yarn/twine with double sided tape to the surface of the vase. I like using textures so I wrapped my cylinders with a thick yarn, satin ribbon, and thin piece of twine! i also wrapped each material at different heights on each vase to create more interest.

2. Attach a decorative flower to either your ribbon/yarn/twine then wrap around the tallest vase! 

3.  Pour your riverstone into the bottom of each cylinder!  Again, you can experiment with how much stone goes into each one.

4.  Add water and the floating candles to each vase.

5.  Arrange any extra decorative flowers along the base of your cylinders to add more interest!

6.  Enjoy your beautiful centerpieces!!

I also made the table runners!  This was my first sewing project, so I will have to thank my mom for the speedy lesson!!  I got my inspiration from Living with Lindsay!

Here is a closer look at the runners!  I gave it a fancy name!.... modern pleated ruffle runner!  :)

I also put together an arrangement for the food table!  I kinda cheated on this one!!...I rounded up some materials from my wedding and put them to good use once again!  See below!

You can never go wrong with a  simple vase with flowers and sticks!! (This has actually been sitting on my dining room table for some time now!!)

Here is an up close look!  You can see how I hung glass tealight lanterns around the sticks to add extra flare!!

And to finish the look off....a burlap table runner with more riverstone, and a few candles!  Easy Easy!!  Anyone could do this!!

Now that the decorations are done, it's time to enjoy the party!!!
Mama J and Daddy K getting their dance on!!

It was great catching up with old friends!!  On the far left is my best friend since I was 4 years old!! I love you Amanda!!!

Just the gals!!

It was great seeing everyone at the reunion!!  I can't wait until our 20 year!!  oh, wait!!  That means i'll be 10 years older!! yikes!!!  :)


  1. great centerpieces, love each one. winks-jen

  2. Oh I love the sticks in flower arrangements.

  3. These are awesome.. and everything you wanted.. simple, elegant and rustic! Great job.. Thanks for sharing with the Pink Hippo Party..
    Hope no fights broke out over who got to take them home!