Thursday, June 23, 2011

Off to the Vet we go.......

This is how our morning began.........

Julia and Max sitting in the back seat of Daddy K's Truck.....and while this picture may look super cute...we are actually on the way to the vet!....NOT for a checkup!!.....What happened you may ask??.....

Well.....This was Max last night.....after Day 3 of LICKING NON STOP on his back leg!!.....We have no idea what is irritating it, but as you can see we have a sock on it, and it is wrapped up in a towel to hopefully stop the licking!......poor thing!...He is consoling himself with Julia's "Itsy Bitsy Spider" book!  

Soooo.....300 dollars worth of antibiotics and a few tears later....we have this......
yes!!  It's the dreaded plastic collar!!  (Go ahead and laugh!!  We sure have!!)  He has to wear this until our next check-up on Saturday!!!  Max seems to have gotten a skin infection!  It looks and sounds terrible, however it is quite common in retriever mixes!!

This will be an interesting few days!!!  I'll keep you updated!!  :)


  1. Goodness -- I'm always surprised by how expensive pets can be. I love your header photo, your daughter's eyes are so beautiful. I was going to email you back, but you are a no-reply blogger. IF you want to change that see this post: I was going to say the photo table no. would be cute for a child's b-day with the child's photo and their age :). Hugs, Kim

  2. Oh Poor Baby! We had a trip to the groomer today, there were also some tears but it was because my pooch Harper wasn't very nice to the groomer today. Ha! Thanks for stopping by to say hi, I am glad you like my tables.

  3. Thanks for coming over & visiting A Step in the Journey! I have a Golden (also) named Max :) who recently cost us about that same amount for an eye & ear infection. Funny thing was I went in thinking something was wrong with his foot because of obsessive licking...he's worth the check though!

  4. I hope Max's infection gets better soon! Our Roxy had to wear a cone after being fixed... even though I felt so sad for her, it was kinda hilarious! She still managed to reach her staples and pull all but one out... so to add to the hilarity and keep her from making it worse, we had to dress her in a t-shirt and boxers (with her tail sticking out the hole)!

  5. Sorry to hear about your poor puppy.. hope she feels better. Just wanted to let you know that I featured your awesome elephant picture on my Pink Hippo Party! HOpe you stop by and share some of your crafty goodness and pick up a featured button @