Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The month of November (or what's left of it), is now being devoted to bringing life to my kitchen!!  That's right!!....  I'm sick of seeing the mail covering the counters, random pictures plastered all over the fridge, and most of all, I'm sick of not having any art in that space!! It's time for a change!!  While I put Daddy K on cleaning/organizing duty, I'm headed straight for Hobby Lobby!!  Step one....ADD COLOR!!

I know the traditional "EAT" art has been done a MILLION times, however I am still digging it!  This was a super simple project that was an easy way to add color to our kitchen!

First, find or create the letters of your choice.  I purchased mine from Hobby Lobby!  They were 1.99 per letter, cheap cheap!!

Next, find scrapbook paper!  Again, I found mine at HL, and as you can see I went for COLOR, COLOR, COLOR!!!

Once you have selected your paper, turn it and your letter upside down.  Trace the back of your letter onto the back of your paper.  Cut it out, then glue it to the letter!  Easy as that!!

Before I hung the letters on the wall, I found an old "thrift store" frame that would fit around the letters!  I painted it then hung it on the wall.  Because Daddy K is not a fan of putting holes in the wall, I used double sided adhesive hanging tape to mount everything.  

I think it turned out beautifully!!

You have now witnessed step one to bringing my kitchen back to life!  Wondering what's next??  I just may attempt something similar to this......

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  1. I love this...I've got a drawer-full of old take-out menus that would be perfect for this!
    Found you through TCB...cheers!

  2. Very effective. i think the colours are wonderful!

  3. Cute idea! I would love to have you link up @ my blog