Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Juicy Lucy.....

If you have ever watched Man vs. Food, this recipe will look very familiar.......

The Juicy Lucy.....aka...the BEST BURGER EVER!!!!

What's so special about this oh-so-amazing burger you may ask.....

Instead of having cheese on top of the burger, you place it INSIDE the patty!!  Oh heard me!!!  So go ahead....prepare and season your burger patty, but instead of making one big regular size patty, make 2 smaller ones.....

Make sure you add PLENTY of cheese on that bad boy!!!  Any type that you want.....

Take the two patty's and mold them together to make one!  The cheese is now sandwiched inside!

Throw those bad boys on the grill......then admire the outcome!  mmmm...look at the molten core of cheese seeping out of the burger, melting all down the plate!!!  

And there you have it.....The Juicy Lucy.....It doesn't get better than that!!  Warning.....The piping hot cheese will most likely GUSH out with your first bite!!!  But oooohhhh how fantastic that first bite is.....ENJOY!!

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  1. Serves me right for stopping by on an empty stomach! Are those on the Weight Watchers point system?


  2. Yummy! Hubby would love this! Thanks for linking to Things I've Done Thursday.