Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Canvas Photo....

After seeing this tutorial on creating a photo canvas I was totally inspired!!  I have so many pictures floating around that I have yet to frame or even display!  This is super easy, and a great alternative to the classic frame on the wall!

What you will need:
Canvas or wood 
Mod Podge
Black paint
Foam brushes

Step one....Gather your supplies!

Step Two:  Modpodge your photos directly to your canvas or wood.  I made sure my canvas was the same size as my photo!  After adhering it to the surface, also brush a layer of modpodge across the top of your photo!  Don't freak will dry clear, and will give your photo the "canvas" look!  I promise!!

Step Three:  Paint the sides of your canvas black.  You can either be super careful and only paint the sides for a sharp, clean look, or you can be a bit messy and slightly paint onto the edge of the photo for a nice vignette look.  Also notice how the modpodge dried clear!  You now have a nice canvas like texture!

Step Four:  Enjoy your new canvas art!!

Two of the above photos were taken by Angie Rogers Photography, one by Red House on Main, and the other by Daddy K!

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  1. great tutorial, and great idea!

  2. I have seen this and wondered how it would turn out. Going to have to try it!

  3. I love this idea and want to try it!! I found you on Homemaker on a Dime!! :)

  4. Such Beautiful pieces of art! I nominated you for an award. Go to my blog to check out the details. I'm also your newest follower:)

    Rachel (