Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baskets and Candles and Flowers, OH MY!!

Because summer is approaching and grilling time is upon us, it is time to give my back porch the attention it deserves.  Every summer I get all excited about the "outdoor" possibilities, and NOTHING ever seems to gets accomplished!  Well, not this year!!  I am making it a point to put it first over all other house hold projects!  Here are a few inspiration images to get the party started.....

outdoor drapes......yes please!!!

a fancy, sparkely, fabulous chandelier.....ok, ok, so Daddy K probably won't go for this.....

but what about a birdcage with pretty flowers!!

or candles would be nice....(my vote is still on the sparkely chandelier)

source unknown

how about this birdfeeder!! I am allll over this!! 

can't forget about the lighting....


definitely need these!!

ohhhh, and a hammock!!!  A girl can dream, right!!??

gotta add some color!!  love the simplicity!

baskets and candles and flowers oh my!

wood stumps, check!, mason jars, check!, candles, check!  i can so pull this off!

Well that seems like a good start don't ya think?? 
We shall see what all gets accomplished!! 



  1. Love them all but the bird feeder I have to say is so neat I am going to make one for outside in my flower bed thank u for sharing and I have pinned it

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