Friday, June 10, 2011

Interesting PINTEREST-ing........

Who out there has heard of Pinterest???  OMG!!!  If you haven’t, please stop everything you are doing and go here…..

I feel like I am living in a whole new world of awesomeness!! It’s so refreshing, so inspiring, it’s where I go to fuel my creativity!   Warning!!  It’s VERY addictive!!

I could browse through these images for hours, days, weeks and still want more!!  (this is without a doubt my new obsession)   The one week I have been a member of Pinterest, I have become so inspired that I feel the need to share the love…..

First, let me prepare you… the images that I am sharing will most likely be random and all over the place, they have no order, some have no meaning…… You will see images that are so intriguing they make me pause, or deserve a second look, others inspire me to create, and then there are those that just make me smile!

Are you ready??  This is what caught my eye this week…..

Burlap Bulletin board! hmmmm....this looks easy to make!!  

Simple glass mason jars filled with rice!  I love how clean and simple the look is!

Wood plank sign.....maybe this will be my next project!!

I just LOVE tiny things!!!

If you can see past the screaming baby....look up!  I NEED this flower mobile!!!

This is such an eclectic setting!  I love that it's outdoors, I love that it's rustic, and I love the floating frames in the background!!

Wooden stacked lamp stand!  How Creative!!  I have never seen this look before!  I would definitely need Daddy K's assistance to attempt this project!!

I could spend all day in this summer bungalow!.....that is if it weren't 100 degrees outside!!  :)

I am lovin the colors in this room!!

Ruffled lamp shade....super cool!

And last but not least....i'm hoping this will be me sleeping in tomorrow morning!!  :) 

Stay tuned to see what crafts are made from these inspiring pictures!!  


  1. the shabby nest screams photo session. Very vintage. I can see it now...

  2. I just signed up for Pinterest over the weekend. I'm having trouble figuring it out, but I'm going to keep working at it.