Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Rewind

As most mothers out there know…when you have kids, you are automatically on their schedule!!  No matter how much planning you do (which by the way, is my favorite thing in the world), your day never turns out exactly the way you think!!  Our days seem to be split in half….there are the activities before Julia’s nap, and those after Julia’s nap!  I never interfere with the glorious naptime, because that is also MY naptime!!  

We started off our Saturday morning with a trip to the lake!  Julia LOVES playing in water, however this was her first time on a boat......

Geared up and ready to go!!

I think she felt like she needed double safety!  The life jacket wasn't enough.... she needed to sit in the innertube also!

Julia and her Nanny!  I love how the water looks in the early morning!

Me and Daddy K!

swimming time!  I never knew how hard it was to tread water and hold up a one year old!!  I could never make it as a lifeguard!!

16 already???

Now if you're really good,  you can steer with your feet!!

After we got home and were recharged from a 3 1/2 hour nap...(yes that's right!)  it was time to make cookies!! yeaaa!!!

raw cookie dough..mmmm....slightly out of reach!!....pure torture!!

rollin the dough.....

Yes!!  we're finished

time to bake.....

8 minutes later.....

And to round off the day....(after Jules went to bed)....I whipped out another Subway art painting! This is for a family friend......

this is the boy version!!

To see the full tutorial on how to make this go here.  The details on this are different than the painting I did for Harper.  I made a yarn-wrapped letter "C" for the top right corner.....I used scrabble letters that spelled out "its a boy" down the left side, and I took some white yarn and wrapped it around the bottom of the canvas!

Well....that wraps up our weekend!  Did anyone else do anything exciting??


  1. She is too cute in her little life jacket! I want to take my two year old out on a boat but I don't think I could get him to keep the jacket on!

  2. I will admit the jacket was a challenge! It was okay for about 45 minutes...then she wanted it off!!