Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bringing the Outdoors In.....Part 1

Because it's fall, and because I'm obsessed with holiday decorating...I have decided to devote the next few blog posts to "Bringing the Outdoors In."  I love using elements that you can find right in your backyard to warm up your home for fall!  Decorating this way is simple, cost effective, and has a nice rustic appeal!!

For my first project I will take on simple twig letters!  I have been seeing these images floating around the web for a while now, and have decided it's time to attempt one of my own!!

This is an image from Pottery Barn!  Look how adorable this is!!

This is super cool too!!  I love the bright accents of hot pink, and the use of greenery!!

Again...very cool!  For hanging purposes, it looks like they have attached decorative wire to each letter!  

Now that I have been inspired, it's my turn to create!!

Supplies:  Twigs, Twine, and Scissors!

Break or cut your twigs to spell out your desired word!  I chose FAITH....this was extra easy because there were no curves to deal with!!

Tie together each intersection with twine.  

Because I did not want my twig words to look like they came straight off the set of "The Blair Witch Project," I decided to soften them with floral elements from our backyard!  

I carefully tucked each floral piece under the twine....

If you use artificial floral/greenery elements, I would glue them down to your twigs!  Since mine came straight from the backyard, and will eventually die, I decided to tuck them under the twine!  I like the thought of using "real" floral elements because I can always change them out for a new fresh look!  

I have attached a different floral element to each letter!  

And here is the final look!  I think it turned out fabulous!  It was soo easy, and cost NOTHING!!  You can't beat that!!  Now, as always, I just have to find a place to hang it!!  

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  1. Hi Jess! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your twig words are just blissful. And how great that they were free... I'm seriously envious that you design textiles...Oh, and I love your tabs at the top of your blog!

  2. This is so clever and well done! So many ways this can be used, including the "Blair Witch" look for Halloween decor. I'm thinking of doing this in my craft room with added lace and fabric elements.

  3. I love it! So inventive!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. We just collected twigs for this... Just picking our word!

    ~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...