Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Magic in the Fingers.....

When I think of finger painting my mind automatically goes here....

But who would have thought you could achieve this with ONLY your fingers!!??
Yes, that's right!!  This is a 100% fingerpainting!!!  I am amazed!!!  (it's okay to stop and stare for a little while...I've been in awe for an hour!!)  I seriously had no idea you could take finger painting to this level!!  WOW!

Look at the texture here!!  Absolutely stunning!!

Again, just beautiful and just with the fingers!!!

I found this beauty floating around on Pinterest and I'm not sure if it was done only with the fingers, but it sure looks like it could be!!  I don't have a lot of painting experience, however I think I could recreate this!!  I have plenty of color knowledge, and seriously, could it be THAT hard to paint with your fingertips??  Well....we are about to find out!!

......To be continued.....

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