Sunday, January 1, 2012

Once again, I'm blaming PINTEREST.......

If you are anything like me, then you had 1000 things on your Christmas crafting to do list this year!!  I had so many ideas, so many plans, so much to do.....that NOTHING got done!!!!  that's right!  I did not do one single C'mas craft that was on my famous "to-do" list......  Once again, I'm blaming pinterest for over-inspiring me, getting me all excited about the millions of things I could create, then overwhelming my brain with not knowing where to start.....Thanks a lot Pinterest!!!   First I'll show you a few things I was daydreaming about this time last month.......

This was my #1 TOP PRIORITY!!!!  New tree skirt....handmade... all burlap!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this.....did I even buy the materials to make it???  NOPE.....sigh.....maybe next year!!

Next on the list.....handmade ornaments.....I am LOVING this glitter!!!

Can you say stunning......

I am LOVING pinecones this year!!  Hang them from ribbon.....Beautiful!!!

Every year I say I will wrap each gift with gorgeous ribbon and unique gift tags.....has that yet to be accomplished???  NOT A CHANCE!!

Now this is front porch beauty!!

And lastly, I wanted to create a new wreath for my front door!  I love the stars on this!!

So now that you know what I was going for, I'll now show you where it ended up......And I'm more than THRILLED to tell you that each of these pictures were taken with my NEW Nikon D7000!!!

The stockings were hung......on our propane fireplace!!....

With super cute stocking hangers!!!.....purchased from Walmart 3 years ago!!

The table was set.....with our "wedding" dinnerware!!....

and a beautiful pinecone/candle centerpice!  Thanks dad for digging up the pinecones out of your backyard!!

Front door beauty!!  My DIY project last year!....a COMPLETE knockoff of Pottery Barn!

What to do with all those C'mas cards?? This year I stuck them into an oversized wreath!!

We accented the back of the dining room chairs with mini wreaths....(left over from our wedding decor)

The "land of nods" 12 days of C'mas ornaments....hanging from twigs!  Again, purchased last year!

If you have never seen these ornaments...they are absolutely beautiful....handmade and very unique!!

Christmas greetings from our kitchen.....

and lastly, the tree!!  The tree that changes themes each year!  This year I was inspired by burlap and the traditional red/white/silver ornaments....

Every year I get Julia a new ornament for C'mas.  This year it was a bird!!

I also splurge and get myself an ornament!  

Last but not least....our dear Max, relaxing under the tree!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I'll see you in the new year!!!


  1. Okay...your christmas decorations were so beautiful you didn't NEED to make anything new! I love it all..especially the 12 days of christmas ornaments!

  2. Your home is lovely and I feel your pain. At least we have Pinterest to keep our ideas all in one place. Blessings!