Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goodbye Winter....Hello Spring!!

It's officially day 2 of Spring.....oh, and did I mention it's 85 degrees!! Mother nature what are you thinking???  Where are my nice cool mornings and warm afternoons?  Was I supposed to enjoy that in January??  What kind of weather should I expect come June??  I'm afraid to even ask!!!  Needless to say, your timing seems a little off this year!!!  So that's it ladies.....the Queen Bee has spoken....there are no "in between" seasons this year!  It's time to pack up the scarves and boots and dive straight into the summer dresses and flip flops..... I have thus put together my Spring Wardrobe Wishlist....

Outfits with perfect color combinations!! 

Mixing Blazers and Dresses!!

Open back tops!!

Rockin out the horizontal stripe!!

....and a little beach motivation!!

Well there you have it!!  Are you ready for Spring??  What is on your wardrobe wishlist??

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  1. Beautiful outfits! That bathing suit is so pretty! Makes me want to start working on my tan already! Barbara @