Friday, March 16, 2012

Photo Friday #8......

This is one of those "lucky" shots.  You know, when you turn around and see your subject in the perfect spot, with the perfect light, with the perfect composition all around! It's also the moment when you are thankful your camera is in arm's reach!  There are so many things I love about this photo!  For starters, it's the true essence of a little girl, getting dirty, playing in her back yard!  I love her little sunburned face, and her dirty mouth!  I love how her blonde hair is glowing in the sun, and how that one little curl is perfectly surrounding her left eye!  I love how she is hiding under the staircase, but peeking through to see if mom is watching!  This one image tells a whole story, and that is my number one goal behind each of my photos!!

I have decided to take this one photo and see how it can be transformed in Lightroom! Side note:  I am a firm believer in NOT using post processing to "fix" a picture, you should ALWAYS try to get the picture "right" in the camera first!!...... However.... I have a slight obsession with photo editing!  Maybe it's my art background, maybe it's that i'm still new to LR and LOVE tinkering with the sliders.  There is just something about taking a photo and seeing how many looks I can create with it!  

So that is our project for today......Transforming a photo through Lightoom!  I am going to take advantage of the presets that are available and show you how your image can totally change!!  Are you ready?  Let's play!!....

Straight out of the camera....
ISO 320, 1/100sec at f/2.8, 50mm 1.4 lens

This is 100% my edit!  I tinkered with all of the sliders....Brightness, Exposure, Blacks, Highlighting, Lumaniance, Sharpness, get the point.....No presets were used for this image......

Preset:  Black and White Look 4.....Lightroom offers a TON of BW presets.  Please note:  The preset was only my starting point!  I always adjust certain things after I choose a look.  I guess I have to have my hand on every picture!!  :)

Preset:  Antique....One of my favorite presets!  The shadow on her face is a little darker than I would like, however she is hiding under a staircase!

Preset:  Sepia....Stunning!!  The tone is soft, while keeping the image sharp!!  And look at those catchlights!!

Preset:  Aged Photo....  My Absolute Favorite!!!  Now this is the look I was going for!!  and how about that backlighting!!!  I think i'm getting better at "finding the light"

Now it's your turn!!  Find one of your favorite photos and start transforming!!  If you don't currently have Lightroom, just download the 30 day free trial!!  You will fall in LOVE!!


  1. I just discovered your blog and went down the front page posts and saw what great decorating projects you have. Love the bunk beds with the little cabin on top. What kid would not go crazy over that room? Your newest follower, Connie Come visit my blog, the welcome mat is always out.

  2. So cool. I have just started with digital editing - dabbling really. so I enjoy seeing this one shot with so many different looks. I'm a fan of straight out of the camera (my kids whole childhoods are sootc!) but I'm also really enjoying playing with light and color! That aged photo look is stunning - will remember that one!

  3. I love this shot! Your edits are fabulous. I love the second one from the bottom!

  4. She reminds me so much of my little girl at that age. She had the cutest little curls too. I believe in SOOC too but love the little touches that PS can add sometimes. My favorite is the first one. So pretty!

  5. I love how her curls are backlit so beautifully around her face--gorgeous shot and lovely edits! (The last one is my fave!)

  6. Are you using LR 3 or 4? I just got LR 4 and I'm switching over from Aperture. I think I like it much better. - Rhett

  7. Thanks for showing all the different versions! You can do so much with photos these days. I really like your black and white edit!

  8. Love the face!!! I keep coming back to the second to the last one- love it!

  9. Great photo and editing work! I totally love that you captured this moment and think that the SOOC one came out really well. I also like your aged photo edit. Wonderful! :)